Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Now where's that wad of cash I lost the other day....?

If you have the money to burn, who's shopping... I mean, stopping you?! If you're looking to make your $600 IRS rebate last only five seconds in an e-store frenzy, then head to Creatures of Comfort and load up that virtual shopping cart!
Shop, shop, away!

$86 Something Triangle Babydoll Dress

$253 (OUCH!) Eley Kishimoto Green Knit Loopy Cardigan

$322 (OUCH SQUARED!) Eley Kishimoto Super Zebra Bow Pocket Tank

$214 INSIDEOUT Long-sleeve Leather Jacket Tee

Or you can be like me and have already put it towards paying off annoying credit cards.
I've always got to be the good girl...

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