Monday, May 12, 2008

New Plaza Java Cafe Location!!!

We scored a new location this weekend inside the Plaza Java Cafe in the Plaza District in Oklahoma City!
The Cafe is closed on Sunday and Monday. I will update everyone on the exact hours but I believe they close at 7PM on weekdays and 3PM on Saturdays. The website is currently down for maintenance but you can check it later at You can also check out their google map here.

Ryan and I are working on several new designs that will only be for sale at this location, including altered vintage apparel and accessories, artwork, and hand drawn and framed illustrations!

We're hoping to schedule art shows at this location as well. We can't wait for the Plaza Distrtict to blow up! It's such a great neighborhood.

Keep checking back for updates and stop in any time after this week. We'll be setting everything up starting Tuesday.

Have a great week and enjoy the weather,
Kel & Ry

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