Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cut Out and Collect Totes, Handbags, and Wallets Have Arrived!

These are some images taken from
The pieces I received aren't exactly the same fabrics but these are the silhouettes that have arrived, plus some new styles of wallets/checkbooks!
These pictures really don't do her fabric choice, color combinations, and craftsmanship justice.
I am so excited to have these available to you at Salt!
If you aren't able to visit the shop, please check out her website to place an order.

Small Bags @ $28
Large Totes @ $35
Wallets/Checkbooks @ $15

These are great prices for the detailing and character of each piece!

Get to Salt quick if you want these, I only have ten pieces available. Wait, make it 9, I had to snag one for myself!!

I'll be showing a few pieces at Opolis in Norman this Thursday for the Dance Robots Dance All Ages Party, so see you there!

Take care,
:: Kel

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