Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thanks to you!

I just wanted to thank everyone that has shopped at Salt Boutique and also all of our consignors. It has been a wonderful first 3 months and it's only the beginning!

Just a reminder that some of the amazing artwork you've been seeing will be leaving us at the end of this month. So visit us soon if you've been waiting to snag something, or you might miss out!

We want to thank Amanda Bradway, Brandi Twilley, and Carter Sampson (The Hyper Bunny) for showcasing their artwork inside Salt for the past 3 months. Their consignment periods have ended but we hope to see new art from them soon! They are 3 extremely talented women. Please visit their websites (See the links to your right) and keep updated on their shows and future projects!

We will be receiving new pieces soon from previous and new artists and crafters, so keep visiting us inside Rink Gallery and keep reading our blog to stay informed!

Enjoy the weather!
:: Kel

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