Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Late Valentine's Day Post

So I realize that Valentine's day was over ten days ago... but I hadn't gotten the chance to brag about my gift yet. Here are pictures of what Ryan made me. He handmade a dozen fortune cookies from red and pink felt with little love messages inside each one. He also brought a lovely bottle of champagne and chinese takeout from our favorite restaraunt! Yummy vegetable delight with fried tofu and sweet and sour sauce!! I'll also show you a lovely picture of the smore cookies I made him with robots drawn in icing. They weren't so yummy I don't think... but it's not my fault! My tiny little prehistoric oven doesn't have a temperature gauge.. They were inspired by the robot image below that I found on some website...

I know it's a late wish, but I hope everyone else had a lovely Valentine's Day!
:: Kel

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